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    The 3 Factions!


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    The 3 Factions! Empty The 3 Factions!

    Post  Erwind on Mon Feb 22, 2010 5:00 pm

    Well this is a Thread for Valhalla, here I will Explain about The 3 Factions!

    In Valhalla there are three Factions, these are:



    Goals->Military Faction controls people Levels,Team Questing,PvP and contributes in Guild War.


    High Vanir
    Valkyrie - Einherjar

    More Info (only for Valhalla


    Leader-> Not Decided

    Goals->The members of the Tactical faction are the ones that will make valhalla to win all events.
    The Tactical faction make team work with both Military and social factions to win the events.
    Guild war, Tactical and military factions work together, Tactical make sure wich players will be online, draw the tactic to be followed made the scuads of course the strongest players of the military will help and join the fight.
    Also the tactical members make strategies to win over the bosses and monsters in-game, that guides will be posted here in our forum.

    Ranks->Ranks will all be the same for every faction!

    More Info(only for Valhalla members!)->


    Leader->Not Decided

    Goals->Social's primary focus is to be strong, but also help others to be strong as well. Unlike Military where your goal is to Train, and do pushups we, value training and support. As a social member your main focuses are:
    Social Integration (Make others feel welcome)
    Forum Activity
    Active Player
    Community Member

    Ranks->Ranks will all be the same for every faction!

    More Info(only for Valhalla

    NOTE: The Social and Tactical Faction Info will be edited in time, be aware of that.

    Also note, for every Faction 1 sub leader is allowed and its rank must be Aesir ;D!

    Hope this helps!


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