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    A few tips


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    A few tips Empty A few tips

    Post  Xel on Wed Feb 03, 2010 3:48 pm

    Even though this isn't about quests or bosses, I wasn't sure where else to put it in the tactical section (if any mod thinks its out of place, feel free to move it). I'll post a few tips I find here and there in this thread (maybe if someone else finds some worthwhile tips post them in here too).

    -Always hold on to 1 or 2 stat points after leveling up, although it may be a bug, you can apply these points whenever (outside of battle) to get a full health/mana heal. Just applying one of these point will do. This will make long grinds much easier since you won't have to use food as often.

    -When you set yourself up to auto-battle, use whatever spell or skill you want to use before starting the auto-battle option. In auto-battle mode, your character and pet will always use whatever spell or skill you used before going into auto-battle mode. This includes regular attacks, buffs, heals, items, and even tame.

    -If you have any plat from inviting friends, invest in a holy teleporter. They are cheap and very, very useful.

    -If neither you nor your pet have any healing spells, I recommend you get yourself into a party with a mage so at least your pet can learn some basic healing and resurrection spells.

    -Although this may be common knowledge, if you use elemental attacks, memorize different mobs elements. You can find a list of the elemental attributes of mobs here:

    -If you find yourself with some regular white gear with "legendary" in the title, and don't know what to do with it, hold on to it. If Falto or Hoops asks for the normal version in a mb or aq, and you give them that, they will reward you with double xp, double coins, and a treasure map!

    -Similar to the above mentioned, if you give a cub to Falto or Hoops when asked to capture a monster, you will receive double xp and coins (thx goes to Bifrost_Guardian for this one).

    -Don't ever go afk on an airship. If you do, you're likely to miss a ton of great mini-events, like rare pets, rare items from a merchant, etc. You may also end up losing extra coins from a theft if you're not paying attention! From what I have noticed so far, events normally occur around 1:30 in flight, this could not always be the case, though.
    I'll add more later, for now, back to AG Wink

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