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    Application Form [Loki]


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    Application Form [Loki] Empty Application Form [Loki]

    Post  Zeruel on Mon Feb 01, 2010 1:26 am

    and no im not that loser Loki from black valhalla. Some of u know who I am, and i think Mimiru's got an idea who i am. I cant tell right now due to privacy reasons but in time i will reveal who i really am *cough angel of death cough*. Anyway i chose this guild bcoz as i said to odin back in AT this is the guild with the most solid foundation, and has the resolution to achieve its goals and has the arsenal to conquer AG so now i pledge my loyalty to valhalla.

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    Application Form [Loki] Empty Re: Application Form [Loki]

    Post  Mimiru on Mon Feb 01, 2010 11:43 am

    WHOEVER COULD YOU BE!!!! *COUGH COUGH* knowing who you are I myself can immediately accept you Smile welcome

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