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    idk if this good or not to put here.......


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    idk if this good or not to put here.......

    Post  sylph on Sun Feb 28, 2010 5:48 am

    1) as a mage, its better pick caterpillar cub

    2) use flying ship always, you have chance of getting this

    a)king and queen
    b)mermaid cub
    c) a bunch of thief
    e)magic secret shop that full of pet item

    3) hard find mobs? try press Tab and press monster and it will locate

    4) at level 27 you will hit the wall, nothing to do?

    a)do AA and BM quest
    b)do pet quest
    c)hunt treasure map

    5) at level 30 please gain as much as satisfaction to npc
    if you satisfied them, their smillies icon will become --->Smile
    also cheap fix item(base on my experience)

    how? do social quest with them

    i add some guide later when i found on my memories lols

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