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    Post  zerktast on Sat Feb 27, 2010 2:30 pm

    hey guys, since i havnt played AG yet and im getting really anxious to start lvling and its still a week away >.< id like to ask some questions so get me more into the game and ready for it....
    ok so ~

    1. Are AQ and MB quests both better to do solo? and Buffoon quests are better in a party of 5? if so, id like to get a time chart going of when people can play during Buffoon Quests so that we can excell in leveling a lot quicker together.

    2. After the 10 AQs and MB quests are done for the day, is the best way to level after that still doing AQs?

    Ill hav more questions later, but im sure these answers from u guys will spark more questions in me about the leveling subject
    Thanks - Justin ~ Zerktastic

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    Post  zerktast on Sat Feb 27, 2010 4:36 pm

    also... another question xD

    i want a full out brawler pet so what pet should i start out with for great attack and what other pet from your guys' experience is a really strong pet later in the game?

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    Post  fenrir86 on Sat Feb 27, 2010 5:59 pm

    AQ and MB quests - you dont need anyone to help you becouse they are really easy - mostly go in there and there ( places located in town)rarely fight - which is really easy anyway.

    Buffon quests are better to do in 5 becouse the reward chest appears in number of 3 instead of 1 (when you do in 4 or less people), this reward you get when you do everything in correct order and in good way Smile

    The times of special quests are on main site if you want another GMT - GMT + 1 (Poland) buffon is at 18:30(6:30 pm) and 2:00 am.

    After 10 times of AQ and MB each day you dont get more gold from them, if they are good for leveling - at low level - one of the best but later they aren't that good( till lvl 40 if you dont have anything better to do and want to lvl just do them).

    From 3 pet's at start - the best attack pet is mushroom ( magical attack, and elementary attack - this makes best attack in pve at those lvls)
    Later you will change pet ( but will keep the one above for pet corps)
    Later in game you must think what's stats and which pet type you choose. There are couple - attack, defense, status affector and others:). If you want my opinions which one are best - dunno.

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