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    Post  zerktast on Wed Feb 24, 2010 8:36 pm

    hi Valhalla guild, i cant really give u guys an ign yet since i have no idea what im going to name my char because i have never played the game yet. i downloaded it a couple of weeks ago only to find out that ob doesnt start until the 7th. when i see a game i think i will like i immediately look into it and i think i will be staying with this game for a long time and id like a good guild to show me the ropes. i dont want to sound ignorant or big headed and ask to join the guild just to say im in a known AG guild but id like to contribute very generously as well as learn strategies about making money quickly and leveling quickly in this game even though after reading the forums vigorously i think i have a good idea. so back to helping the guild..
    i have played MANY mmorpg's and my experience shall no other than help me exceed fast in this game. just some of my accomplishments are top money maker in world of kung fu (no malling) ign: FistAlmighty, one of the top plvlers in maplestory in Demethos - Bishop4fundz as well as making tons of money and funding a godly aran and sin, shown in top 4 rank in OB wonderking for the first week and a half as well as reaching lvl cap of 130, until hacking came out and everyone started hacking and getting to 130 in like 2 days, godly taoist in Destiny online (gameplay very much the same to AG with the adventure quests and mystic blade quests).
    Again not trying to show im arrogant or big headed but also dont wanna sound like a noob and go "hi, im new, can i please join a guild that wants to have all their members know wtf they are doing from the start..?"
    Now i know that this game is extremely different from most mmorpg's because it is a turn based game.. but i can also say i have played and beaten every final fantasy game since final fantasy was what got me into mmorpg's in the first place. I LOVEEEEEEEE to grind
    if i could get a pm from u guys saying ud love to have me or ur sorry but i dont cut it, id love to hear from you guys, as well as listening about what u have to say about the game in regards to leveling, money making, the society, etc.
    if i do make it into the guild, id love to be in the military division because as i stated a lil bit ago i love to grind a level fast and im thinking about being a zerker with a tank based set up but since i dont know how well the stats are implemented in this game i dont know the best char to lvl quick since i havent been able to play the game yet which is why im looking for a guild to "show me the ropes" so i can pick their brains.
    again, it would be great to hear from you guys, please pm me so i can get feedback on what you think about me joining the guild
    thanks again
    (i love to think up names so if you give me any details the game has about berserkers id love to know cuz my name will have something with Zerk in it) might just go with Zerktastic

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    Post  Odin on Wed Feb 24, 2010 9:23 pm

    Welcome to the guild, and remember to contact me in-game.

    Sorry i have not much time to talk right now but be welcome to talk to all the players in IGG forum and in here.

    Also you can use our guild ssignature on IGG forums so other members know you are from here.

    Yours. Odin.

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