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    Pets and intimacy (more detailed)


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    Pets and intimacy (more detailed) Empty Pets and intimacy (more detailed)

    Post  fenrir86 on Sun Feb 21, 2010 7:13 pm

    Basics here :

    4 Big hearts pet share 5% of DEF and MDEF when you use ability it's exp increase by 2 points pet can learn 6 passive skills
    5 Big hearts 5% pet share 5% of Attack and SPE skills increase by 3 each use pet can use accesories
    6 Big hearts 5% pet share of HP and MP skill get 4 points eachuse pet can learn 7 passive skills
    7 Big hearts 5% of Sodge hit rate and speed 5 points each use pet can use 2 of something(probably crystals)

    Not sure about crystals but info about them here:
    Edit - crystals are for passive abbilities

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